7 Mistakes You’re Making with Small Business Tech Support

We know as a small business your time, money, and effort are more valuable than anything. We’ve broken down the 7 mistakes you may be making with small business tech support to ensure your business is in the clear.

Today, if you’re operating without any technology, you’re considered a needle in a haystack. 

Most businesses, regardless of size, rely on some sort of technology. Of course, with technology comes issues. The more tech you have, the more you may need IT support. 

We know as a small business your time, money, and effort are more valuable than anything. To keep it straight to the point, we’ve broken down the 7 mistakes you may be making with small business tech support to ensure your business is clear.

7 Common Pitfalls in Small Business Tech Support

Unfortunately, without the right knowledge, it’s easy to stumble into a money-hungry IT company trying to take advantage of small businesses. To protect yourself and your company, take a proactive approach and find out if these common tech mistakes are ones you may be making. 

  1. Overpaying for basic IT support
  2. Paying for a full-time IT professional 
  3. Not paying for IT support at all
  4. Using outdated technology or IT practices
  5. Neglecting cybersecurity best practices
  6. Not considering future business growth
  7. Overlooking continued training for your employees

1. Overpaying for Basic IT Support

If you have a contract with an IT company, you shouldn’t continuously be getting charged for extras. For example, if your IT provider comes on-site, some charge a high rate for mileage. While this is a common fee, it can be charged excessively to make more profit. 

Charging a high rate for mileage is only one of the way sleazy IT providers try to get an extra dollar. To find out how to reduce your IT costs, check out our latest piece and find out what you’re really paying for

2. Paying for a Full-Time IT Professional 

Let’s face it. As a small business, you don’t have very many IT needs – when you do, they’re small and typically fixed within hours. Having a full-time IT professional on the payroll for simple IT needs is frankly a waste of money. Instead, outsourcing an IT company for as-needed tasks is a much less expensive route.

3. Not Paying for IT Support At All

On the flip side, if you’re not paying for IT support at all, you’re hurting your small business. Without any professional insight or support, you may be putting bandaids on potentially big wounds. An IT technician will be able to diagnose, troubleshoot, and solve your future problems instead of covering them up. 

4. Using Outdated Technology or IT Practices 

Today, technology is constantly evolving. If your competitors are using the latest technology and software, you may be left behind. 

For example, if your device’s hardware doesn’t support the newest operating systems, Microsoft won’t wait for you to push out their newest version. As a result, you’ll be left with using incompatible hardware for the software that keeps your business running. 

5. Neglecting Cybersecurity Best Practices

You may be thinking that you’re a small fish in a big pond, so why would they want your data? 

However, small businesses are at an extremely high risk of data breaches since they don’t typically have any cybersecurity plan in place. To protect yourself, starting a cybersecurity plan is the first step. 

Resource: Prep your business with the best protection and download the Small Business Cybersecurity Plan

6. Not Considering Future Business Growth 

Scalability is the key to business success. Most likely, your goal as a business is to grow, earn more profit, and expand your operations. If your IT company can’t handle businesses of varying sizes, it may not be the best fit. 

7. Overlooking Continued Training for Your Employees

As mentioned above, technology is constantly changing – so are best practices and IT methods. If your IT technicians are stuck in their old ways, you may be missing out on potential business growth, cost savings, or more efficient practices. 


Contact a Small Business IT Support Company 

By avoiding these common mistakes and implementing a proactive approach to small business tech support, you can ensure your technology does what’s intended – supporting your business and success. 

If you're ready to take control of your tech support and drive your business forward, reach out to Omnis Technologies today.

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