OMNIS Technologies' Privacy Policy

We take your privacy very seriously. Here's our policy:

What we collect

When you fill out a form on our site, we collect the information you provide. Our site uses tracking cookies to help us understand how our users interact with our website.

What we do with what we collect

We use the info collected as follows:

  • To learn more about the types of visitors to our website so we can provide a better experience to them
  • To deliver a personalized experience to our visitors
  • To send emails with educational information

What we don't do with what we collect

  • Sell or give it to 3rd parties without your express consent
  • Trust it to be stored/hosted with anyone that we wouldn't trust our own information with

How we protect what we collect

  • Our site uses SSL encryption
  • Our site is hosted by a partner that pro-actively monitors and protects against threats - Read more here.
  • We minimize the use of toolsets outside of HubSpot to keep data in one place when possible