Cybersecurity & Preventing Data Breaches: Keeping Your Business Safe

Cybersecurity and data breaches are frequently in the news, but as a small-to-medium-sized business, you're not the target...right?

The unfortunate truth is businesses of any size are vulnerable to cyberattacks.

Imagine what it would cost your business to:

  • Lose client data to a hack?

  • Have productivity (often for multiple days) become non-existent from a virus or ransomware?

  • Send phishing emails to your contacts due to a compromised email account?

While no solution can protect you from every threat out there, being proactive and having a cybersecurity plan in place greatly reduces the chances that your organization becomes a hacker’s latest victim.


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Omnis Cybersecurity Plan

With all the threats in today's digital world, it's vital to take proactive steps to harden your network environment, ensure you have solid backups and train your staff to identify attempts to infect your systems.

Our cybersecurity specialists help you build cyber defenses to safeguard your organization against attack. 

Our cybersecurity services include:

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Threat Detection & Mitigation

We constantly monitor your software to prevent harmful programs from installing on your networks.

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We provide regular cybersecurity training for employees and offer protocols to avoid phishing, password-focused attacks, and other common threats against your team.

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Firewall Security

Your firewall is the first line of defense against the outside web. We keep it up and running and manage security subscriptions and policies for maximum safety.

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Email Filtering

Many ransomware and virus threats originate from seemingly innocent emails being opened. We offer third-party software that filters threats out of your team's inbox.

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Antivirus Software

We install VIPRE Security on all devices and do daily scans and monitoring. We are notified of any threats and respond immediately.

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Multi-Factor Authentication

An important tool in cybersecurity, we manage multi-factor authentication for any of your accounts.

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Data Backup & Recovery

We make sure your backups are running and we run monthly tests of their ability to restore your data.


Partner With Omnis for Cybersecurity Professional Services

You don’t want to be caught off guard by cyberattacks. Failure to build a strong cybersecurity plan can be disastrous for your organization and its clients

Small to medium businesses often don’t have the resources of in-house cybersecurity professionals. That’s where Omnis comes in. Our cybersecurity experts offer customized  solutions for the unique needs of your business.

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