Outsourced IT Services for Small Business: What Should Be Included?

Instead of wasting your time & money on unnecessary needs, we’ve broken down what should or can be included in outsourced IT services for small businesses.

When it comes to managing your small business IT services, it can be difficult if you’re not an IT professional yourself. You don’t want to pay an arm and a leg but also don’t want to have low-quality technology when it’s needed in today’s world. 

Instead of wasting your time and money on unnecessary needs, we’ve broken down what should or can be included in outsourced IT services for small businesses. 

11 Outsourced IT Services for Small Businesses

At Omnis Technologies, you can select from the following options. We allow you to mix and match your IT services based on your business needs – which should be offered by any managed service provider you work with. 

  1. Asset monitoring
  2. 24/7 monitoring
  3. Remote IT management
  4. Server maintenance 
  5. Software maintenance 
  6. Router & firewall maintenance 
  7. Network maintenance 
  8. Backup monitoring
  9. Software license management
  10. Phone system management 
  11. New technology consulting and installation


1. Asset Monitoring

We provide unlimited helpdesk support, moving away from the outdated model that limits the number of hours allocated to our clients. Our proactive approach ensures that IT issues are not just temporarily fixed but resolved permanently.

2. 24/7 Monitoring

Our system keeps an eye on all your systems around the clock using ConnectWise. We're alerted the moment an issue is detected, enabling immediate response. This translates to minimal downtime and fewer headaches.

Resource: While 24/7 monitoring may sound expensive, it’s less than you think. Dive into our latest case study: The Cost of Outsourced IT for Small Businesses

3. Remote IT Management

Need immediate troubleshooting? Our remote managed IT support allows us to address problems as soon as they arise, without the need to wait for an onsite visit.

4. Server Maintenance

Stay current with the latest updates for your operating system and drivers. We ensure your server is secure and backups are robust and reliable.

5. Software Maintenance

Keeping software up-to-date is crucial; we manage updates and act as your liaison to third-party software providers.

6. Router & Firewall Maintenance

We maintain your firmware updated following cybersecurity best practices, performing any necessary maintenance during off-hours to minimize disruptions.

7. Network Maintenance

From security systems maintenance to network optimization, our MSP monitoring ensures your network remains secure and efficient.

8. Backup Monitoring

In the event of a cyberattack or system malfunction, having reliable backups is critical. We ensure your backups are operational and test monthly for reliability in data restoration.

9. Software License Management

We manage all your software licensing, ensuring all documentation is up to date.

10. Phone System Management

Beyond managing your business phone system remotely, we troubleshoot and resolve any issues as they arise.

11. New Technology Consulting and Installation

Technology evolves rapidly; we keep you at the cutting edge, recommending and installing the latest technology solutions that suit your business needs.


Why Choose Omnis Technologies as Your Managed Service Provider?

At Omnis Technologies, we put the client first, every time. We’re your IT partner and want you to succeed. With our extensive range of services, we’re able to handle the complexities of your IT environment, allowing you to solely focus on your business. Reach out to one of our team members today to get started. 

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