Remote IT Support Services for Small Businesses and Midsize Companies

At Omnis Technologies, we specialize in remote IT support for small businesses and midsize companies. Find out why you should make the switch.


Your business needs technology to survive and grow. You use computers for everything from payroll and records management to communication and design. 

However, your small-to-medium business can’t afford to hire an in-house IT person. Even if you could, that one person may be an IT generalist and lack some of the knowledge and skills needed to solve your problems. 

That’s where remote IT support services for small business come in. You get the expertise of a professional IT team, 24/7 support, and fast response time for a fraction of the cost of hiring in-house staff.

What Are Remote IT Services?

At one time, hiring an onsite IT staff was necessary. Remote IT support services have changed that. Working outside your offices, remote IT professionals provide technical support through software that gives them remote access to a computer or network from wherever they are. 

Remote IT support providers can do virtually everything an in-house IT department can, including:

  • Troubleshooting issues 

  • Installing updates

  • Performing maintenance 

Many businesses have shifted to remote or hybrid work environments. Remote IT support companies enable employees to get the help they need when they need it, wherever they are.

7 Advantages of Remote IT Support Services for Small Businesses

There are many advantages of using remote IT support for small and medium businesses. This budget-friendly solution allows your business to focus on achieving its goals while its technology is well cared for by the experts. There are at least seven benefits to outsourced IT support services for small and medium businesses:

  1. Lower IT costs

  2. 24/7 monitoring

  3. Faster response time

  4. Flexibility 

  5. Increased productivity

  6. Access to a team of experts

  7. More service for your money

1. Lower IT Costs

Every dollar in your budget counts. You may not be able to hire a staff IT person, but you need the services. Using remote services is cost-effective – it allows you to get what you need without investing time and money into an in-house IT provider. And, you won’t have to pay on-site visits or emergency booking fees since your provider is remote.

What’s more, working with a quality remote IT support company means you can access enterprise services your business couldn’t otherwise afford. Your business will work with a team of experts, each with its own industry training and certifications to provide you with custom solutions to best serve your organization.

2. 24/7/365 Monitoring

Technology never sleeps. Therefore, businesses need “always-on” IT services that monitor, detect, and solve problems during office and off hours. 

Remote tech support services have constant access to your network. A technician is notified as soon as a problem arises, even in the middle of the night. There’s no need to worry about holidays, vacations, sick days, or bad weather. Remote IT services are available 24/7/365 to keep your organization up and running.

Missing out on around the clock small business IT support? Give us a call!

3. Faster Response Time

With a remote IT service provider, their commute to your office depends on the speed of their Internet connection. In other words, there’s no physical travel at all. They don’t need to be in the same region or time zone, which is especially helpful when you have a hybrid, fully-remote, or multiple locations. For example, let’s say your business is in Dallas, but you have an employee experiencing an IT problem in Pittsburgh. Your remote MSP can solve the problem from wherever they are. 

A remote managed services provider may find and solve issues before you even find out about them. Remote managed service providers often partner with companies like ConnectWise which comes with hundreds of out-of-the-box monitors and alerts. These alerts create service tickets automatically and dispatch your technicians without any human input.

4. Flexibility

Being flexible in the workforce is a necessity. Remote IT support services are more flexible than a traditional in-house technician. Submitting a ticket with an in-house person usually happens in an email, or said in passing. With a remote IT support service, there are multiple ways to submit tickets. Typically, you can submit a ticket by:

  • Sending an email

  • Calling 

  • Partner portals

  • Shortcut on your taskbar

Another form of flexibility with remote IT support is the hours of operation. It’s impossible for an in-house person to work around the clock. Remote IT service providers stagger work times, allowing for at least one technician to be on call at all times. 

5. Increased Productivity

A faster response time and 24/7/365 monitoring mean your employees wait less for technical issues to be resolved. Less time eaten up by technology downtime means more time for your employees to get work done. 

Constant monitoring and maintenance of your network and devices ensure your organization has the most up-to-date software, operating systems, and driver updates. 

With monitoring and maintenance occurring outside business hours, your employees don’t have to sit through lengthy updates. They arrive to work with technology that’s ready to go.

6. Access to a Team of Experts

Hiring in-house IT support for small-to-medium businesses usually means one employee is available on a set schedule. Your organization invests in the employee’s continued training and development, which is crucial as technology evolves. 

Remote IT services for small business means having access to professionals with expertise in the latest technology trends, threats, and opportunities. You’ll also have a team with various experiences and expertise at the ready, even if you have a small budget.

7. More Service for Your Money

Remote IT service providers come with hundreds of thousands of dollars of equipment and software your organization may not have had access to if IT support was in-house. These companies also provide services, like proactive PC and network maintenance and cybersecurity monitoring, that are much more than what a small-to-medium business could afford adding another benefit of remote support. 

All told, the cost of salary, benefits, continued education, hardware, software, and constant monitoring, partnering with remote IT support companies gives you a better return on investment.

What’s in a Good Small Business Tech Support Service Package?

Not all remote IT services for small businesses are the same. It’s best to compare what each company offers and the price you’ll pay for services. A quality service provider management package includes:

  • Unlimited helpdesk support

  • 24/7 monitoring of everything

  • Remote management

  • Server maintenance

  • Software maintenance

  • Router and firewall maintenance

  • Network maintenance

  • Backup monitoring

  • Software license management

  • Phone system management

  • New technology consulting and installation

Your IT Needs Shouldn’t Be an Afterthought

Technology supports everything your business does. It should be a tool that serves your business, not something that stalls your progress. Partnering with professional remote IT support services allows your organization to stay focused and productive without distracting technology problems.  

Omnis Technologies is a managed IT services provider that has supported small to medium businesses for more than 20 years. We offer tailored solutions for the unique needs of your organization. Rather than searching “managed service provider near me”, contact us today. 



This article was originally published in September 2022 and was recently updated to reflect industry trends. 

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