Win the Battle Against Technology with Outsourced IT Support

Outsourced IT Support, also called managed service providers (MSP), replaces your “traditional” in-house personnel.

Can you relate to these tech problems?

  • The network is slow 
  • The printer is on the fritz 
  • The remote connection to the office is always down 
  • Or, not only can you make your coffee, but you can finish it before your computer even boots in the morning. 

If you feel personally attacked by any of these, outsourced IT support might be the team player you need to win the battle against technology! 

What is Outsourced IT Support?

Outsourced IT, also called managed service providers (MSP), either replaces your “traditional” in-house personnel with a team of technicians or supplements your existing staff in any area that needs a boost.

5 Benefits of Outsourced IT Management

While there are tons of benefits to outsourcing your IT needs, here are five of the best: 

  1. Multiple technicians 
  2. Lower costs
  3. Flexible agreements
  4. Dedication 
  5. Growth

1. Multiple Technicians

As a company, the name of the game is to have as many clients as possible, right? At least for an MSP, that is true. Partnering with an MSP not only gives you peace of mind; it gives you multiple assets. MSPs hire an array of different talents, so you’re always covered, no matter what your issue is!

2. Lower Costs

When hiring in-house staff, several cost factors come into play: Salary, benefits, vacation, sick time, etc. MSPs carry all the liability and benefits of your technicians. Outsourcing your IT services costs significantly less than paying salaries and benefits to in-house staff.

3. Flexible Agreements

You can choose the services you need when you partner with IT outsourcing services. MSPs have flexible services and tailor an experience that works for you! 

4. Dedication

Without diving into the specifics, MSPs are incentivized to ensure your network runs at its full capacity and is issue-free as much as possible. Even more so, MSPs specialize in automation, so no human interaction is necessary to resolve issues.   

5. Growth

I can’t capitalize on this section enough. As an MSP, we want to see your company grow! Designing a plan that fits your needs, budget, and future goals is what it’s all about. With outsourcing, you should never feel hindered when it comes to your future! 

Types of Outsourced IT Support

No matter what you’re looking for, chances are, you’ll find an MSP that can accommodate your needs, eliminating the “box of chocolate” mentality! 

These are the most common outsourced IT support:

  • Project 
  • Co-managed/supplemental
  • Helpdesk
  • Security 
  • All-inclusive


No matter how big or small your project is, you can outsource it to an MSP. Whether you’re overhauling your computers, installing new technology, or growing and needing to expand, outsourcing has you covered!


One of my favorite types of outsourcing is co-managed/supplemental IT support. If you already have an on-site person, but they’re just getting overrun with projects and everyday troubleshooting, this is the option for you. With this option, your staff shares your IT responsibilities with an MSP. Going in this direction, you can add to your existing staff for better support.


Like co-managed/supplemental, this option covers your day-to-day issues with your network. Rather than an onsite person coming to your machine, a technician can remotely connect to your computer and fix the issues.


Since the rise of ransomware, this option has become increasingly popular. Outsourcing your security means an MSP is dedicated to keeping your data safe, meaning you don’t have to worry about all the new threats online.

All Inclusive

The all-inclusive option is the most common amongst all MSPs and is just as it sounds. You’re covered from top to bottom. If you’re interested in what an all-inclusive package looks like, click here

Outsourced IT Support Puts You In Control

An MSP helps you get your technology needs under control. You won’t need to worry about overburdening your in-house staff or not being able to afford the IT support you need. You’re in control of what you are getting and can plan accordingly for your future growth! 

Omnis Technologies offers tailored solutions for the unique needs of your organization. If you’re interested in learning more and what to get more granular, contact us! 


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