IT Service Provider Onboarding

If you're choosing a new IT service provider after switching for the first time, here are some helpful tips about the onboarding process.

Last week, we discussed what the next steps would look like if you and your IT service provider split up. Now that you’re readily prepared to handle a situation like that, we want to take it one step further.

Once you and your previous IT service provider have fully split up and all the proper documentation has been transferred, it’s likely that you’ll begin looking for a new provider. 

If this is the case, then you’ll want to know what to expect and be ready for during the onboarding process of a new IT provider.

What To Expect During IT Service Provider Onboarding

If you’re switching to a new IT service provider for the first time, don’t worry. It may seem like an overwhelming transition, but there are a few things you can do to be prepared for it, especially if you’re a small to medium-sized business.

The most effective way to prepare for this transition is to have as much information as possible ready to go out the door.

To best streamline this onboarding process, be sure to have the following information prepared:

  • Server/machine passwords
  • Email portal passwords
  • License information
  • Network equipment
  • ISP (Internet Service Provider)

Server/Machine Passwords

This information is vital in order for a new IT provider to begin providing services. Having all of these passwords documented will make it easier for them to get signed in and ready to work.

Label the passwords as specifically as possible. For example, are the passwords for a domain, or a workgroup? What software do you use? Are you running servers from 2012, 2016, or maybe Windows 10? Do you have any specialized machines that you use? Are your computers Mac, Windows, and so on.

Email Portal Passwords

When it comes to email, IT providers generally try and use Cloud services. This is much easier for them to do if they have the password for your email portal.

Whether you use Google apps, Office 365, or even some other out-of-date portal (hotmail), IT providers will be able to take control once you transfer them the credentials.

License Information

It’s pretty rare nowadays for companies to buy discs in order to download software. This is typically done through a portal now, and it will have a list of all your purchased software that is ready to be downloaded.

This includes:

  • CAD software (Solidworks, Autodesk Inventor)
  • Accounting software (QuickBooks)
  • Shipping software (UPS WorldShip)

Network Equipment

Do you have an inventory of what all you own? Well, you should.

This stuff in particular is easy to get mixed up, so try and keep a running list of all your network equipment to hand over. This includes things like firewall, wireless access points, and switches. Firewall is especially important to keep track of. Without that password, your IT provider won’t be able to set it up properly.

ISP (Internet Service Provider)

Your ISP is lower on the list of information that you’ll want to provide your new IT provider, but it can be useful to know at times. Do you have a static IP or is dynamically assigned through your internet provider? 

This is especially important if you can provide the new service provider with a diagram of where everything is at. Show physical locations of your main networking closet, servers, switches, and any additional equipment.

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