How to Choose the Right Business IT Services

Business owners need to pick their IT service provider carefully. Sensitive information plus important technology equals delicate situation.

choosing business it services provider

Although business IT service providers are certainly interesting people, they can be anywhere from novice to expert on the experience spectrum. The fact is: no IT person knows everything (unfortunately). We are always learning, and there always seems to be a project or a problem that puts us over the edge.

I personally think that’s what’s exciting about this job. No two days are ever the same. So what does that have to do with choosing the best business IT services? A lot. Personality and relationships play a very critical role in dealing with your IT service provider, but that’s not all.

The person who holds the keys to the technology that runs your business holds very critical info in their hands.  Making the choice of business IT services really comes down to three main points:

First is trust. If you can’t trust your IT service provider, everything else is a moot point.

Second is relationship. If you can’t get along with the provider… well, you know how it goes from there.

And, lastly, do they have the skills and knowledge necessary to adequately service your business and its unique needs?

Trustworthy Business IT Services

As I mentioned earlier, if you can’t trust your IT service provider, everything else is irrelevant. IT technicians learn passwords, addresses, and other information that can be very sensitive in nature. It is likely that your IT provider has access to your server 24/7, and along with that access, they may also be able to access your email and have the ability to read any document stored on your computer.

No, I am not trying to scare you, however I often sense the weight of responsibility that comes with this knowledge. It is vital to your business to have the right people who can provide security and safety for your networks and data. Carelessness and a lack of trust can cause a lot of headaches down the road.

IT Service With a Smile

IT technicians need to learn to work with grumpy people – it’s just a part of the job. Generally, IT support does not get called when everything is going well. Most calls are in regards to some sort of problem. (This does not mean that our clients are grumpy people – they are actually very nice people, although they are at times grumpy toward their computers.)

I have found that a significant amount of “IT serving” requires people skills and even “crisis management” people skills. How well do you relate with your IT provider? Do they communicate well? Are they available? Are they “human”? Or are you reduced to a ticket number? A calm and friendly demeanor is a huge asset when seeking a service provider.

Knowledge and Skills

I have yet to find an IT technician who knows everything (we all like to think we do, but we really don’t. It’s just not possible). However, you need an IT service provider with the knowledge, skills, and experience to serve your unique needs. This is why it is important to contract with an IT firm with a team of technicians rather than an individual or freelancer.

Most people like to go on vacation once in a while, so who covers if there is an emergency? A team can also provide a broad range of skills. Each technician can be an expert in a different field, but together they can cover a lot of ground.

You should also consider the specific IT needs of your business. Do you have multiple servers or a complex network? Are your users mobile? It is wise to hire an IT firm with expertise in these areas.

There may be times an IT provider fits the bill on two points, but fails to measure up on one of the other points. This can make it difficult to keep your business running smoothly. Ultimately, your IT service provider should be improving your bottom line with smoother operations, increased productivity, and less stress.

Is your business IT provider measuring up?

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