Are you a small to medium size business in need of computer help, but can't justify the cost of hiring a full-time employee? Or perhaps you're part of a large organization whose IT department has trouble keeping up with the workload? Whatever your situation, Omnis Technologies is here to help.

Small to Medium Businesses

We are the IT department for many small to medium businesses. Our success in this niche has been that we offer the expertise of seasoned IT professionals for a fraction of the cost it would take for you to hire a full-time employee. We follow industry "best practices" to allow your investment in technology to help your business grow, not be a liability.

Whether you've got questions on which technologies are right for your company, or need expert help with your current systems, we can help. Contact us today!

Large Businesses

The value of our service to a large organization comes from being able to adapt quickly to the technology environment already in place by your IT department.

We strive to work with your IT staff, not against it. We understand the need for our consultants to be able to speak "geek" as well as to communicate in English to those outside of your IT department.

Larger companies use our services to complete projects that help meet the goals of the company. Contact us now to see how we can fit into your business.