Everything You Need to Know About the Cloud – Part 1

Everything You Need to Know About the Cloud – Part 1


Let’s face it, being alive today is an exercise in insanity. Every day, a barrage of new terms are thrown out there and new inventions hit the shelves. Most times, you don’t even know what they’re for, much less how to use them.

I see this a lot in the technology field. If you don’t keep up with it, chances are you’re going to fall behind the curve and miss out on advancements that can keep your business running more smoothly, economically, and efficiently.

Today, we’re going to cover Cloud basics. I understand there is a lot of confusion when discussing the Cloud with my clients. I hear questions like:

  • Where is the cloud?
  • What is the cloud? And is it really up in the sky?
  • How do I get to the cloud?
  • How much does it cost to use it?
  • How does it benefit me?

If you have similar questions, stick around! Trust me, by the time you finish you’ll be on Cloud 9 – woah, see what I did there?! –  and ready to actually strike up a conversation with your IT guy next time he’s working on your machine.

Curious About the Cloud? Well, Let Me Tell You

Disclaimer: If you’re looking for a little more in-depth questions about the Cloud, you can skip ahead to Part 2. (Don’t worry, it won’t hurt my feelings any.)

Where is the Cloud?

Simply enough, the Cloud is another term for the internet. Meaning, if you hear the phrase: “It’s in the Cloud” they are basically saying, “It’s stored on the internet”. Before, we thought the internet was just a giant place that has tons of websites and group chats. With the infinite space on the internet, we are now able to channel off sections and store even the most sensitive data.   

What is the Cloud?

When you think of the technical term “Cloud”, think of the scientific term “cloud”. Let me explain. Unless you were never a little kid, you probably laid on the ground with someone and each described what you think the clouds looked like. Same concept with the technology Cloud. Except, in this example, the different shapes is represented by different uses. The Cloud is where you store your data. Whether that is photos, videos, software, etc.

How Do I Get to the Cloud?

There is no one way to get to the Cloud. For instance, the Cloud includes popular apps such as iCloud, DropBox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, even something like Spotify. If you have any of these programs, you probably know how to access your stuff without being told. Guess what, you’re on cloud 9 because you have been using the cloud this whole time and didn’t even realize it!

How Much Does It Cost to Use the Cloud?

Like the last question. There is no one answer to this question. I could lay out all the different options to you and have their prices with it, but I would rather hear what you are trying to do first then make a suggestion. P.S. call me. Or check out this Cloud Storage Price Check. To answer the question, the cost of the cloud is dependant on the vendor you are choosing.

Cloud computing is the can help keep your business running smoothly and efficiently. With cloud computing, we may never have to leave our houses again. With Amazon drones, cloud computing, FaceTime, and PostMates, we may someday live in an era where human interaction no longer exists.