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it budget tips for small businesses

4 Expert Tips That Make Your IT Budget More Predictable

IT budget and expense management need to be predictable - this is key for any business. Making IT spending predictable can reduce unnecessary…
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5 Signs Your Business IT Infrastructure Needs to Grow Up (And Fast)

Recently, I came across a phrase “extended adolescence” coined by psychologist Erik Erikson to explain how teens were taking longer to transition to…
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it infrastructure upgrade

Thinking About an IT Infrastructure Upgrade? So Is the US Gov

The US government struggles with tech issues that may sound very familiar: Boosting security of IT systems to reduce hacking and fraud Systems…
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What Should I Include in Business Data Backups?

You've probably heard people say “Make sure you’re backing up your data!” We usually tell each other to do this as individual users…
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a cloud based backup can protect your files in the event of a disaster

Cloud-Based Backups Could Save Your Business From Disaster

Cloud-based backups are still a new concept for some business owners. Many businesses are still backing up files on external hard drives, flash…
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Improve IT Infrastructure & Efficiency by Decluttering Your Workspace

It is no secret that many people find computer hardware and IT confusing. When you don't understand the different components, it's difficult to…
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Enterprise Backup Solutions: Why We Choose CTERA Backups

The most common question we ask prospective clients is, "How do you backup your data?" Frequently, the answer is "We don't have backups." Don't feel…
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