10 Chrome Productivity Extensions That Might Be Better Than Coffee

chrome productivity extensions better than coffee

(Disclaimer: Nothing is better than coffee. But these extensions come pretty darn close.)

Let’s face it – we all spend a little too much time not working while we’re at work. The Internet is full of exciting things: social media, shopping sites, games, news.

Don’t get me wrong. Sometimes we need that ten-minute break, when the coffee just isn’t cutting it. However, being more productive while you’re actually working helps justify those minutes you spend unfocused.

How can you make it easier to avoid distraction during work? Google offers an array of different add-ons that help you increase productivity!

Here are ten must-have Chrome productivity extensions for anyone trying to stay focused and be more productive in the office.

10 Chrome Productivity Extensions That Are Almost as Good as Coffee

1.  Dayboard – for your to-do lists

The first thing you should do everyday is delegate and prioritize your tasks.

If you like to be reminded constantly, then look no further! This add-on will display your to-do list every time you open a new tab!

2.  StayFocused – for your work day ADHD

Getting all your temptations out of the way on those news feeds of your favorite social media sites will certainly help your productivity.

With StayFocused you can put sites like Twitter and Facebook on the Blocked Sites list. You can also have it run on a schedule in case you want to get on Facebook sometimes.

3.  Save to Pocket – to keep that tab bar free

If you’re constantly surfing the web and always finding good links, then this is perfect for you!

Save to Pocket is a one-click extension to eliminate the hassle of bookmarks. Even better, you can add tags to them to organize your links even further!

Better than coffee.

4.  OneTab – Saves computer memory and tab space

Has your IT guy ever told you: “You have too many tabs open”? Chances are, they have and you probably do.

OneTab puts all your tabs into a list that you can reference later for easier access.

5.  AdBlock– For the old timers that fall for clickbait (and literally everyone else)

It’s inevitable. You’re going to have that one old guy that wants to see those “never seen before photos of Woodstock” and clicks on that fake ad. Or, maybe you’re like most of us and hate all that mumbo jumbo pop-up ad nonsense on webpages. Good news: AdBlock is just for you!

AdBlock cleans up the web pages and presents their main content, and that’s it.

6.  Note Board – For when your boss won’t let you put up a real cork board

Organize all those ideas you have in a fun, fashionable and manipulative virtual cork board.

Better than coffee.

7.  Quick Write Text Editor – Because what’s pen and paper, right?

Ever get a phone call and don’t have time to find a pen and paper or open your digital notebook? Not anymore!

With Quick Write Text Editor, you have the basics at the push of a button. This auto-saving, character-counting, offline-friendly extension is must-have to type those quick notes.

8.  PrintFriendly and PDF – Ctrl + Alt + Prt Scr….wait what????

Saving a webpage can be quite the hassle. How do you turn it into a PDF, again? Where the heck did you save it to? (You should probably organize your folders while you’re at it.)

With PrintFriendly, you can remove the ads, and have a print-ready PDF in seconds.

9.  Sortd Smart Skin for Gmail – Yes, emails are still a necessary evil.

If you spend way too much time dealing with your email, then this is exactly what you need!

Your emails will appear on the left of your screen and the rest is, well… whatever you want it to be! You can highlight, sort, snooze, add notes, and best of all…drag and drop!

Better than coffee.

10.  Be Limitless – Your one stop shop for increasing your productivity!

Turn that blank New Tab page into your one-and-done dashboard!

If you like to-do lists, time tracking for websites, setting up reminders and countdowns, and inspirational quotes, then this is the only extension for you!


Give these Chrome productivity extensions a try! Who knows, you may end up getting a raise with all that extra work you’re producing. Unfortunately, these extensions probably won’t help you kick your coffee habit. (Sorry.)

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