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How To Access Your Work Computer From Home (Or Anywhere, Really!)

How many times have you been trying to work from home and you realized you left that one crucial file on your office…
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Managed IT Services Quick Guide: What to Expect & When

It’s no secret. Typically, IT guys are located in their creepy dungeons in the basement of your company’s building. But just what are…
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it budget tips for small businesses

4 Expert Tips That Make Your IT Budget More Predictable

IT budget and expense management need to be predictable - this is key for any business. Making IT spending predictable can reduce unnecessary…
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5 Signs Your Business IT Infrastructure Needs to Grow Up (And Fast)

Recently, I came across a phrase “extended adolescence” coined by psychologist Erik Erikson to explain how teens were taking longer to transition to…
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Office 365 vs Google Apps for Small & Medium Businesses

Office 365 vs Google Apps: one of the biggest digital divides since Windows vs Apple. Both are excellent for any small business. The…
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10 Chrome Productivity Extensions That Might Be Better Than Coffee

(Disclaimer: Nothing is better than coffee. But these extensions come pretty darn close.) Let’s face it - we all spend a little too…
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11 Business Network Security Must-Haves (Zombie Apocalypse Edition)

Bad news - the zombie apocalypse is already upon us. The rise of technology created a new strain of crime, new threats to…
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Business Email Security: How to Enable Two-Step Verification

Your employees are great at what they do. But they may not be so great at business email security. Under-educated employees are the…
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IBM Z Could Revolutionize Transaction & Financial Data Security

On Monday, July 17, IBM announced a groundbreaking technology that could change the entire landscape of financial data security. The new mainframe system…
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guidelines for information security in ny

Own a Business in NY? Time to Step Up Your Information Security Game

Insurance companies in New York are helping businesses bump up their information security by outlining 12 Guiding Principles to Advance Information Security. These…
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