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How To Access Your Work Computer From Home (Or Anywhere, Really!)

How many times have you been trying to work from home and you realized you left that one crucial file on your office…
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Can Petya Ransomware Cyber Attacks Affect U.S. Businesses?

What’s Petya? Only the latest in a series of cyber attacks using ransomware - a bug that encrypts user files until you pay…
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How Often Should You Backup Business Data? (Use This Tool!)

Consistently backing up business data can save a huge amount of time and money. While rare, natural and technological disasters DO happen. If…
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What Should I Include in Business Data Backups?

You've probably heard people say “Make sure you’re backing up your data!” We usually tell each other to do this as individual users…
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a cloud based backup can protect your files in the event of a disaster

Cloud-Based Backups Could Save Your Business From Disaster

Cloud-based backups are still a new concept for some business owners. Many businesses are still backing up files on external hard drives, flash…
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Enterprise Backup Solutions: Why We Choose CTERA Backups

The most common question we ask prospective clients is, "How do you backup your data?" Frequently, the answer is "We don't have backups." Don't feel…
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