Longevity of the CTERA C200: 2 Maintenance Factors

The CTERA C200 is a sturdy unit that geared to be one of the best hybrid Cloud solutions on the market. But how long do they last?

One common question that we receive about the CTERA C200 is in regard to how long the unit will last before needing replaced. It’s a good question to have answered if you’re in the market for a CTERA, especially if you’ll be heavily relying on its longevity.

For its price, the CTERA C200 is a premium product. It comes equipped with some of the best software, and is already geared to be a hybrid backup system. We’ve seen clients have CTERA units last over 6 years.

However, everything eventually degrades, no matter which brand you buy from. And one common mistake that consumers make when using the CTERA C200 is using the wrong hard drives.

When you’re replacing a hard drive in your CTERA, it’s important not to use a basic, cheap drive. Doing this will significantly lower the longevity of your unit. 

Instead, use drives that CTERA recommends (we typically go with the IronWolf Pro, 4TB). This list will provide you with compatible hard drives.

Note: The C400 and C800+ models are no longer in production.

There are a couple of other factors that may change the longevity of your CTERA C200. This includes its usage and environment.


The amount of time your unit spends backing up files plays a role in its longevity. Many CTERA are running backups Monday through Friday during the normal workweek. We’ve seen some being used 7 days a week to back up files and push them off-site, and some of their hard drives have lasted up to 6 months before needing replaced. 


Similar to any piece of equipment that runs almost constantly, it’s best-suited for an air-conditioned room that is free of dirt, dust, and hair. Generally speaking, the CTERA units are very sturdy, and very few issues arise. However, running the device in a dirty environment can play a role in its overall longevity.

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