How to Install the CTERA Agent and Select Backup Files in CTERA Cloud Gateway [VIDEO]

This video tutorial is for IT pros installing the CTERA Agent on Windows. It continues to show you how to select the backup files in CTERA Cloud Gateway.

If you’re looking for one of the most simple hybrid cloud solutions available for your business/businesses, then you need to check out CTERA Cloud Gateway.

CTERA makes backing up files and folders easier than ever before and guarantees security for both you and your clients’ data and personal information.

Below is a quick tutorial on setting up your backup agents along with the process of backing up files or cloud storage.

Backing Up

To begin setting up backup agents on your CTERA, start by logging in using your IP address. Once you’re logged in, there are two places you can access backup agents: The main configuration screen, or the local backup CTERA screen.

Download the backup agents and click “run” once they have finished downloading. The file size should be relatively small (around 64 MB), and is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac. Proceed forward and finish the installation.

You’ll need to then register your backup agent with CTERA by providing your local IP address. Once you do that, you’ll be prompted to enter your admin credentials.

CTERA will always be displayed down in your system tray. If the cloud icon is blue, then you’re good to go. If the cloud icon is grayed out, then this indicates a potential network issue or problems with the CTERA’s licensing.

Now that your backup agents are downloaded, you can begin backing up files and cloud storage using one of the best cloud solutions on the market.

For File Backup:

  • Go to your files’ and folders’ location
  • Right click any file or folder you want to back up
  • Hover over “CTERA Agent”
  • Click “Add to backup”
  • A green checkmark will appear next to icons that are selected for backup

You can remove any selected files from the backup folder by simply repeating the process and choosing “remove from backup.”

The final step is to make your way back into the CTERA agent and click “Backup Now.” Alternatively, you can schedule out your CTERA’s backup for a later time.

Note: Files that have a green checkmark have only been selected for backup and will not be processed until you click “Backup Now” in the CTERA agent.

For Cloud Backup:

  • Ensure that all agents being backed up are checked off in green in your CTERA Agent
  • Uncheck anything that doesn’t need backed up (remember, you pay for all cloud storage you use)
  • Click “Save” or “Backup Now”

When it comes to backing up cloud storage, the CTERA lets you schedule that too. Set it for any time or frequency that you desire.

Note: When trying to calculate the amount of time it will take for CTERA to finish backing up your cloud storage, consider the amount of data that is being backed up.

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