How to Use Chrome’s Password Checkup and Password Manager

Chrome now has a built-in password checkup feature to use with the password manager. Here's how its helps with IT security.

Google Chrome’s Password Checkup is now featured in the Chrome Security Checkup dashboard. As long as your version of Chrome is up to date and you’re signed in to your Google account, you will benefit from new security features.

The most notable feature is the automatic password check. Each time you create a password on Chrome, Google scans a database of billions of passwords that have been leaked in data breaches and alerts you if the password is compromised.

Chrome Password Checkup Alert

If you receive this alert, choose a different password. Continuing to use this password puts you at increased risk of a cyberattack. Hackers have access to leaked passwords and will use them to attack vulnerable accounts. With so many passwords leaked, hackers can crunch the numbers and que the most frequently used ones in brute force attempts to sign into an account. Using a password that’s not known to be leaked decreases your chance of a hack.

However, even when your password passes the leak test, it may not be fully secure. It maybe too weak and easy to hack or it’s a repeated password form another one of your accounts. Passwords with maximum security are complex and not repeated anywhere else.

Google Chrome also helps create strong passwords and saves them to your account. This way, you don’t have to remember all your passwords. When you’re in a password field, you can click “suggest strong password…”.

Strong password generation

Google creates a complex password and stores it in the Chrome Password Manager. To check and manage your saved passwords, go to and sign in. Using the password manager, you only have to remember the password for your Google account. Chrome will fill in your login information for other sites once it’s saved.

In the password manager, you will also find the Password Checkup feature. Clicking it scans your saved passwords for leaks, repetition, and strength. Once the scan is complete, Google provides recommendations for increasing your password security.

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