CTERA: NAS Devices Vs. Software Agent

The CTERA C200 is great for businesses with multiple workstations. However, for a smaller business, a CTERA agent may be the best choice.

We’ve been covering a lot of information regarding the CTERA C200 device. We’ve learned how to install the disk drives, navigate the different interfaces, adjust Cloud backup settings, and much more!

But CTERA offers more than just the C200 device. They also offer individual backup agents that you can install individually on servers or workstations.

But in what situation would you want to install the agents rather than purchasing the device itself? We help you answer this question below.

For smaller clients with a single server, you can install the agent for server backup that sends data to the cloud. 

When to Use C200 Device

If you’re hosting clients that have multiple servers and several devices, then your best bet is to use the CTERA C200 device. This will allow you to conduct straight local backups as well as Cloud backups.

The C200 device is also better for bigger companies because it gives you more customization when it comes to choosing data to back up. For a smaller client, this wouldn’t be necessary because most of their information would be stored in a few, if not one, file.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t use the C200 device for smaller clients — It just wouldn’t be as practical.

When to Use CTERA Agents

If you’re working with a client who operates off of a single server, then the server backup agent is your most pragmatic option. This will back up data straight to the Cloud, skipping the need to configure local storage.

CTERA also makes workstation agents as well. These work well for workers who don’t spend a lot of time in an actual office. As soon as their registered device is connected to the internet, their data will automatically back up to the Cloud.

A Win-Win Situation

If you’ve accidentally purchased the CTERA C200 device when the size of your company didn’t require it, have no fear. The device will still serve you well!

There’s no rule against using the C200 device, and the only thing you’ll benefit from when using an agent for smaller setups with simple user shares is saving money on the NAS device.

Either way, CTERA offers a win-win situation for both you and your clients.

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