Enterprise Backup Solutions: Why We Choose CTERA Backups

Backing up your files is a painless process that keeps your data secure - especially with CTERA's enterprise backup solutions.

ctera enterprise backup solutions

The most common question we ask prospective clients is, “How do you backup your data?”

Frequently, the answer is “We don’t have backups.”

Don’t feel bad. We all have a few things we know we should be doing, and we just… don’t. Unfortunately, backups are one of those tasks that no one really worries about until you lose data and need it back.

Backing up your files is easy and keeps your data secure from disasters, human error, and other events that can destroy your files. One of the best products to illustrate this point is CTERA enterprise backup solutions. We recommend CTERA backups for all of our clients.

5 reasons we love CTERA’s enterprise backup solutions

1.  You don’t have to remember to do the backup.

Backups can be set to work at regular intervals, and it reports when there are failures.

Since we also actively manage the backups, we can review the backup log on a regular basis to ensure they’re running correctly and no new data is missed. If you’re like me, you agree that backups are important, but remembering to do them is an entirely different story. Problem #1: fixed.

2.  Off-site backup.

A backup is a backup. Why does it need to be off-site?

Over the years working in IT, I’ve received a number of calls asking if we have a copy of the client’s data. Some of these calls have been quite memorable, such as fires where everything was lost, or where the entire server was stolen. Recently, we had a client who lost equipment during an electrical power surge. These instances all required an off-site backup – unfortunately, several of these cases did not take that precaution.

3.  Easy file restoration.

How easy is it to restore that lost file? Or gigabytes of data? It’s actually quite simple. Within a few clicks, you can restore the missing data to the original location (or to a new location).

4.  Snapshots of previous versions.

A full hard drive failure isn’t the only instance where you’ll require a backup. If you’re like me, you accidentally delete files, overwrite files, and occasionally want an original version back. With CTERA, you can “have your cake and eat it too.”

The system takes regular snapshots of the data and stores them for a specified length of time. This allows you to go back a week, month, or year and retrieve a file.

5.  Highly secure.

The off-site encryption is second to none. CTERA uses AES-256 encryption that features Private Encryption Key Management. What does this mean? Simply put, you can secure your data in such a way that only you know the key required to decrypt it.

6. Cloud storage backups!

Welcome to the future! Cloud storage is the preferred backup method by many businesses – here’s why. Most modern enterprise backup solutions will rely on the cloud. We recommend making this shift as well.

There are many other reasons we LOVE CTERA, including their Cloud Storage Gateways which can synchronize your data between locations. CTERA makes some really great products and has the flexibility to fit your unique needs.

Your data is too important to lose – make sure it’s secure, no matter which enterprise backup solution you choose!


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