CTERA Cloud Gateway Web Interface Walkthrough

Considering CTERA for your business backups? This video demonstrates the CTERA Agent software and its features.

IT disasters can strike at any moment. If and when they do, how well do you have your clients protected?

Que the CTERA C200 hybrid cloud solution

This local NAS (network-attached storage) unit takes the human factor out of backups by combining two steps into one. No more are the days of saving physical backups to an external hard drive to then pay for a service that backs that data up on the cloud.

Instead, simply install the physical device onto your network and allow CTERA to do the rest.

If you’re an IT service provider, you need this product.
The CTERA C200 is simply one of the best cloud solutions on the market and will help ensure that your company’s information and data are safely secure each and every day.

CTERA Cloud Gateway Features

  • Supports Windows, Linux, and Mac
  • Supports 1 server with up to 20 workstations (more licenses can be acquired for an additional fee)
  • Ability to set specific backup times or set the frequency of automatic backups
  • Snapshot ability- takes a snapshot of your data at a specific time and saves it
  • Informs you when a hardware failure is detected

CTERA Cloud Gateway Web Interface Menu

Main Menu
Cloud Backup
-Control Panel
-Backup Files
-Backup Sets
-Exclude Sets
Local Backup
-CTERA Agents
-Clientless Backup
-Replication Rules
-Home Directories
-Windows File Sharing
-FTP Server
-TFTP Server
-RSync Server
-AFP Settings
-NPS Settings
Event Log
-Log Viewer
-Log Settings
-Audit Logs
-Power Management
-File Search
-Email Alerts
-Mail Server
-Configuration Tools
-Regional Settings
Cloud Services
-Remote Access

Why Cloud Solutions Matter

Cloud solutions are vital for companies because they minimize the risk of lost data due to a hardware failure. Cloud solutions for small businesses are also of great importance because they allow you to access important systems across all of your devices.

Cloud solutions also do away with many of the expenses that are associated with maintaining servers and devices in-house. 
Want to know if your business is well-suited for CTERA? Check out the specifications and requirements now.

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