CTERA C200: Overview of Cloud Backup Menu

Your CTERA unit allows you to modify your Cloud backup settings with ease. Learn how to navigate the Cloud Backup menu here!

If you use a CTERA C200 to back up your files, then you’ll want to know how to navigate the Cloud Backup menu.

From the Cloud Backup menu, you can adjust several settings that give you complete control of what you back up, as well as how often you back it up.

If you pay for Cloud services, then you’ll be able to see the “Cloud Backup” tab from your main interface. If you’re only using the CTERA for local storage, then the tab won’t appear.

Before you begin navigating the Cloud Backup menu, make sure you’re connected by going to the “Cloud Services” tab and checking the “Status” category.

Cloud Backup Menu

The “Cloud Backup” tab is accompanied by several categories:

  • Control Panel
  • Backup Files
  • Backup Sets
  • Exclude Sets
  • Schedule
  • Throughput

Below we briefly break down what you can expect to find under each category.

Control Panel

The “Control Panel” category shows you when the next backup is set to take place. If you need an immediate backup, there will be a blue button that reads: “Backup Now.”

Tip: To check previous backups, navigate your way to the “Event Log” tab and take a look at the “Log Viewer.”

Backup Files

The “Backup Files” allow you to choose what files will be backed up to the Cloud and which ones will be left in local storage.

Click the dropdown arrow on the “backups” file, followed by the one on the “agents” file. The menu will now be displaying the workstations that are connected to the CTERA. To select a file for local storage only, uncheck the box to the left of it.

Note: The CTERA C200 assumes you want to back up everything you collect.

Backup Sets

The “Backup Sets” category displays specific document types (we typically leave this alone).

Exclude Sets

“Exclude Sets” allows you to choose which files you want to exclude from being backed up.


The “Schedule” category gives you a lot of flexibility when it comes to adjusting your Cloud backup time. You can set it very specifically and as often as you want. For example, you can set the CTERA to back up:

  • Once per week
  • Once per day
  • Twice per day at 12 PM and 5 PM
  • And so on…


The last, but certainly not least, category is the “Throughput.” This category lets you adjust the amount of bandwidth you use during certain times. This can be especially helpful when you don’t want to bog down your internet during work hours.

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