CTERA C200: Local User Set Up and Share Permissions

Setting up local users and editing their share perimissions is a basic function of the CTERA C200. Learn how to do those tasks here!

The CTERA C200 simplifies your data backups while giving you all of the control. With all of its advanced capabilities, it’s one of the best hybrid cloud solutions on the market.

And one of the most important things to learn about the CTERA C200 early on is how to set up local users and designate their share permissions.

Start by opening your CTERA portal. For this particular process, the two main tabs you will be using are the “Users” and “Shares” tabs.

Local User Set Up

To create a new local user, start in the “Users” tab. Click the button that says “New” in the top ribbon, and then create a name and a password for the user account.

Note: Passwords require a minimum of 8 characters and at least 1 number.

Once you’ve created your username and password, you will be directed to a dialogue box that gives you the ability to add more information for the local user. You can also add:

  • A first and last name
  • An email address
  • A numeric UID

Including this information is not required.

Once you’re satisfied, click “Finish,” and you will now have a new user in the CTERA.

Administrator Status

Administrators on the CTERA have the ability to login to the portal and make changes to the backup agent itself. If you want to make your new user an administrator, click on the “Groups” category found under the “Users” tab.

Click on the group named “Administrators” and click “Next” on the first page of the pop-up box that appears (there is also the option to create read-only administrators who can’t make changes).

The next page is where you can select your group members to add as an administrator. Look for the user you want to add by filtering the users and doing a search in the top right corner. Once you find the user, click on their name, followed by “Next” and then “Finish.”

That user is now an administrator!

Share Permissions

To edit share permissions, navigate the interface to find the “Shares” category under the “Share” tab. There will be two folders: backups and public.

The backup share is where you’ll go when you need to access copied files from old backups. The public share is generated automatically.

Highlight the share file you want and click on “Edit Share” in the top ribbon.

Make sure the file selected is the one you want to edit and click “Next.”

In the next window, you can choose to change the name of the network share folder; however, this step is optional. After that, proceed to the next window.

The next window, named “Sharing Protocols,” allows you to enable and disable different features for that share. Choose the ones you want to apply, and click next until you reach “Configure Permissions.”

This window is where you will choose which accounts have share permissions. You can choose from three of the following permissions:

  • None
  • Read Only
  • Read/Write

Once you have assigned permissions to your accounts, click “Finish,” and your CTERA will automatically update and give those accounts permissions to the public drive.

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