CTERA C200 – Configure Local Storage Arrays

Learn how to configure local storage arrays with the CTERA C200. This tutorial also teaches you how to set up local storage and snapshots.

Now that you’ve taken the time to unbox and install hard drives onto your CTERA, it’s time to learn how to configure the local storage arrays.

The CTERA C200 gives you the ability to back up data locally and on the Cloud. It’s one of the best hybrid cloud solutions available on the market for both large and small businesses.

Configure Local Storage Arrays in CTERA Cloud Storage Gateway

If you’re using your CTERA C200 for the first time, you’ll be prompted to create an administrative username and password. Once you have this set up, you’ll be able to access and manage your device later on.

Once you’ve made your administrative account, the CTERA will ask you to create a hostname for your gateway (we typically abbreviate the client we are using the agent for).

Followed up by naming your gateway is providing a portal address. This is how you connect to the centralized administration that you’ll be running.

Now it’s time to log into your CTERA and begin setting up your local storage.

Setting Up Local Storage (RAID1) in CTERA Cloud Storage Gateway

From your CTERA main menu screen, click on the “Storage” tab. From there, make sure you’re in the “Arrays” category.

  • Click “New”
  • Checkmark one or both hard drives that are inserted into your CTERA
  • Click “Next”
  • Click RAID1 (Mirrored), followed by “Next”
  • Name your array
  • Click “Finish”

Upon finishing the creation of your new array, your data will be saved and a box will pop up asking you to specify the volume details. This allows you to edit your storage device, volume size & type, and file system (we typically leave the settings at their default).

Once you click “Next” on the volume details, the CTERA will ask for volume encryption information. This step is optional.

Finally, name your volume, click “Next,” and you’re finished. Your new array should now appear on the arrays tab.

Setting Up Snapshots in CTERA Cloud Storage Gateway

After your array is created, it’s vital that you set up your snapshots as they give you the redundancy in your data. To begin this, click on the “Snapshots” category that is under the Storage” tab.

  • Click “Scheduled Snapshots”
  • Decide between periodical snapshots or daily snapshots (both have the ability to edit time and frequency)
  • Click “Next”
  • Choose your retention policy (specifies how long old snapshots will be kept)
  • Click “Finish”

Your snapshots are now set to take place and send data off-site while keeping a local copy.

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