CTERA C200: Cloud Services & Menus

The CTERA C200 is one of the best hybrid cloud solutions on the market and allows you to alter settings like cloud services.

The CTERA C200 bundles all of your data back-ups and cloud storage into one unique component. It’s one of the best hybrid cloud solutions available on the market and gives you an incredible amount of customization authority when it comes to settings.

One of these settings is the cloud services.

Without cloud services, the CTERA C200 would only serve as a local backup. Luckily, there are many different types of cloud services that are offered.

Managing Cloud Services

Under the “Cloud Services” tab, navigate to the category named “Status.”

This screen is split into two portions — the top and bottom.

In the top portion is the CTERA portal, accompanied by the connection duration and server address. These show you who the CTERA is backing up and how long it has been connected for. From this portion you have the ability to sign out of your CTERA services, edit your account, and so on.

Down below in the bottom portion is the subscription information

The subscription information shows you the names of all the different services that CTERA offers and gives you the status on it. For any services you’re not paying for, their status will be marked as “Not subscribed.”

The services listed are:

  • Cloud Folders
  • Firmware Updates
  • Cloud Backup
  • DLP
  • Antivirus
  • DDNS
  • Logging and Reporting
  • Management and Monitoring
  • Seeding
  • Remote Access
  • Cloud File Sharing
  • LogForwarder

Remote Access

The other category under the “Cloud Services” tab is “Remote Access.”

From here, you can change the CTERA to allow remote access, or make it exclusive to local access only (you can also choose to only allow one remote login at a time).

To switch the CTERA from remote access to local access, simply flip the button on the right from “on” to “off.”

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