IT Service Plans

We developed preventative maintenance and IT service plans for many reasons. Most importantly we want you to be proactive with your technology instead of reactive. For example, how much less stressful would it be to know that your backups are working appropriately instead of having to make the call saying, "We lost several important files and tried to access them, but the last time we backed up our files was 2 months ago." 

Compare your technology maintenance to maintenance on your car. Changing your oil 4 times a year would cost roughly $100...however, if you go an entire year without changing your oil you might be looking at a $1,000 or more repair bill. These plans are designed to keep your technology up and running with less unexpected downtime. Let's face it, these days if your technology isn't running your staff is probably not working.

Our IT service plans are not one-size-fits-all. Our routine maintenance programs are tailored to your business needs but some of the common items addressed in the routine visits include:

  • Checking and Testing Backups
  • Improving PC Stability
  • Eliminating Security Risks
  • Checking Maintenance Needs
  • Testing Battery Backups
  • Debugging Performance Issues
  • Consulting on IT Purchases
  • Recommending IT Solutions
  • Providing Tech Support